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What We Do For You

Our clients are international and multi-country research organizations for whom we ensure the success of each study.

Operating in every Latin American country, we offer both quantitative and qualitative market research services. We adhere to the highest international standards of:

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Work quality

Delivering quality through meticulous research and analysis.

Quality control

Robust multi-stage validation ensures accuracy and reliability.


Meeting deadlines with efficient, proactive project management.


Anticipating needs, innovating solutions, and preventing issues.

innovative solutions

How We Ensure Success

We know the culture, the business environment, the practices, procedures, and expectations—this ensures effective research.

We assess each market and its characteristics to determine the correct route to research success. It is not just a matter of applying methodologies correctly, but also ensuring that the fieldwork is conducted properly, taking into account local cultural and geographic differences.

We know the business environment, know the business practices, procedures and expectations – this ensures effective research.

We know each market. The structure and specificities of the business environments makes for specific adjustments in research strategies. These market differences impact consumer viewpoint and expectations.

Who we work with

We have worked with the leaders in multiple industries and delivered quality, actionable results for them. Here is a range of companies we have worked with:


Our History

Specialized in Marketing Intelligence and Business Development, DRM Global was established in 1989 in São Paulo, the financial capital of Brazil.

Our team works for excellence to achieve the best understanding of our clients’ critical issues using a practical approach combined with meticulous analytical assessment of the facts. We develop projects all over Brazil and Latin America and have partnerships with major market research companies globally. We are a company with a strong client-relationship philosophy, consisting of reciprocal cooperation and diligence. Our success comes from the success of our clients and their satisfaction.

Who we are

DRM Global is a full-service market research company with reach in all of Latin America, with over 30 years of experience performing the most challenging work in the field.

We understand the risks and the insecurity involved in doing international research and provide what is needed to ensure you are well informed and secure each step of the way.


Meet Our Professional Team

We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.

  • Head of Client Care: Dylan D. Rees
  • Head of Market Research: Tonia Muniz
  • Lead of Client Care: Alun Rees
  • Head of IT: Luiz Barbosa
  • Database Curator: Gabriel Melo
  • Lead of Fieldword: Bruna Soares